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Personal Channeling Session


Cost: $135.00 USD


Short Description: Have a one on one session with a 5th dimensional being.


Full Description:

James Thomas has been channeling for over 30 years and he was asked by Spirit to begin offering a new service that would open the door to many.  This is a 90-minute session, that has been known to go longer, with a 5th dimensional being to answer your personal questions.

The session begins with a conversation with James Thomas where he finds out from you what information that you are looking for.  What areas of your life you are wanting to address.  Then he discovers who will be coming in for a conversation with you.  

The actual channeling part of the session is recorded and the recording will be sent to you so that you can listen to it over as many times as you wish.

To order this session please email James Thomas on james@bluestarspiritual.org










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