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   Below is a list of the services we provide.

Name Description  
The Works For the person who desires the lot. This is where you can have it all and so much more
The Gateway Package This powerful package is designed to assist people in gaining a true message from Spirit and assisting with clearing the past
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Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring A coaching session designed to work on any personal or spiritual issues and individual understandings that you require...
Restoration 2 This takes healing to a whole new level. Receiving 3 BlueStar Healings over the course of 3 weeks. This has the potential to change your life.
Restoration 1 Are you feeling rundown and do you feel weighed down with lots of stuff that you just don't need to carry any longer. This is your solution.
Recalibration Do you need a real clean out? In this powerful package, receive a BlueStar Healing and a House Clearing to clear everything out and allowing you to see more clearly.
Personal Channeling Session Have a one on one session with a 5th dimensional being.
Personal Akashic Scrolls The Personal Akashic Scroll is a true personal message from Spirit....
Past Life Reading Are you curious if there are past lives that are affecting you in this lifetime?
Oracle Readings and 12-month Tarot Readings This reading utilises a three card tarot reading to clarify a question or issue from past, present and future perspectives...
Lighting The Way Package Our you looking for answers and direction in your personal life or in your spiritual life? If so, then this is the package for you.
House Clearing This powerful quantum service can be done in person or remotely.
Bluestar Healing This method can be done in person or remotely for any area you feel you need assistance and is completely quantum in nature.
Awaken your Guide, Drawings and Messages We all have several guides, sometimes an army of them. That all play a significant role at different times of our lives....







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